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I’ve started my New Blog using “WordPress” with my own web hosting.


Bayer CropScience’s Cable Layout is completed

Bayer CropScience’s Connection Setup (Cable Layout) is completed in the early evening.

From tomorrow morning all computers will online and using our services.


Bangladesh’s Internet BACKBONE is FIXED

Internet BACKBONE is FIXED Yesterday

After 2 Long days, finally the fiber optic internet Backbone is fixed and running stable from last evening.

BTTB should do something urgent about it. We must have a backup backbone for emergency.


Bayer CropScience Connection Setup

Bayer CropScience Connection Setup is on progress.

Cable Layout is on progress. Hoping to complete in the work by tomorrow.


My New Domain Name & Hosting

My New Domain Name & Hosting details:

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Hosting Type: Linux based 499GB Webspace

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